My name is Matt Rasmussen. I’m a hacker, tinkerer, maker, and computer engineer with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego. I have a passion for making technology do new and interesting things, and learning as many skills as I can – I’ve dabbled in everything from embedded systems to kernel hacking to robotics and human interface devices to webapp development.

The best ways to get ahold of me tend to be email and Twitter; if you’ve got any questions for me, feel free to drop me a line!



A research project I led at UCSD; a ubiquitous computing application that uses Microsoft’s Kinect to track users, allowing them to perform simple gestures such as pointing to coordinate inter-device communications (sending data from one computer to another, generally in the form of browser tabs), control lights and music systems, and more. Built as an extensible framework using a RESTful API, it can interface to about a dozen different control and interface modules.

Indie Games for Good

An annual charity gaming marathon for Child’s Play Charity started in 2011, organized with the help of over 30 people. I’m the lead organizer, technical lead for video production (the event is streamed live on the internet for 70-90 hours straight each year), and the developer of our webapp for viewer participation and donation tracking. To date we’ve raised over $30,000 for hospitalized children.

UCSD IEEE RoboMagellan (ANA/ANA Type-R)

An autonomous vehicle competition I participated in from 2009-2010 with the UCSD IEEE team – it was a small (RC-car scale) vehicle which navigated a multi-terrain course using GPS and other sensors to avoid obstacles and hit a goal. In 2009 I was the embedded systems lead (designing, building, and leading the firmware development for our interface boards), and in 2010 I was team captain; we earned 3rd place in the 2010 RobolyGames in San Mateo despite a critical hardware failure.

Contact Info

Twitter: @mrasmus
GitHub: mrasmus